Spore Trapping and Monitoring

Up to 75% of all fungicide applications are done without a disease present or at the wrong stage of disease development. Protect yourself, the environment, the fungicide's efficacy and your bottom line by spraying fungicides only when necessary.

The Sporenix Spore Trap is designed to harvest spores from approximately 160 acres of farm land with minimal maintenance and no power requirements. Using convection flow and a wind assist, spore laden air is drawn continuously into the filter chamber. It is ruggedly designed and able to withstand the harshest of field conditions. It can even collect samples in actively irrigated fields.
Spore trap instructions.jpg

Once collected, the filters of the trap are analyzed via qPCR and microscopy, whereby the number of spores for each disease of interest is quantified.

microcentrifuge tube.png
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Week by week, the populations of different plant pathogens are monitored. Weeks before symptoms emerge in the field, producers will know if a disease is emerging as a threat to their crop.

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Allowing producers to triage their fields, applying fungicide only where it is needed.