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About Paramoria Agri-Science

Our Vision

Paramoria Agri-Science is a start-up company based in the University of Lethbridge through an association with Synbridge. We are a plant pathology/ ecological defense company, developing tools and services to protect and preserve the natural world.

Many innovations and technologies get locked up in the scientific literature, unable to achieve their full potential. They become published in a journal and there they stay, a curiosity or footnote. The world can ill afford critical innovations languishing simply because they are not fashionable or "cool". We at Paramoria Agri-science endevour to unlock pragmatic solutions, giving the business hypothesis as much rigour as the scientific one, and protecting the world now, not later.

We aim to help the world Farm Fearlessly.

Our Team


Brent Puchalski - Founder, CEO and Molecular genetics lead

Brent Puchalski is a molecular plant pathologist with 8 years experience, specializing in genomic and proteomic characterization of biotic and abiotic stress pathways in plants and fungi. They are spearheading molecular diagnosis development, corporate governance, and business development.


Byron Puchalski - Plant Pathologist and Inventor

Byron Puchalski is a traditional plant pathologist, who was with Agriculture and Agri-food Canada for 35 years. He invented the Spornik spore trap and leads all field scouting/ experiments.

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